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Be a PosiTeacher Workshop



 PosiPower Workshops 

Elementary, Middle and High Schools 


 "Where all elements of training begin with self" 



1.     Be a PosiTeacher in Your Classroom

2.    20 PosiPower Ways to Bully-Proof Your School

3.    Time and Stress Management for Teachers

4.    Balance Work and Family & Be Positive in Both

5.    Celebrate Diversity in Your Classroom

6.    PosiPower Ways to Effectively Work With Parents

7.    Civil Rights Childhood  - Racial Sensitivity Training - SEE TAB FOR THIS SESSION


  1.    Be a PosiTeacher in Your Classroom          

 PosiTeachers give their best and they receive more cooperation from their students, because they give and demand respect. These teachers possess the skills to build cohesiveness among their students by enhancing a positive environment. Be a PosiTeacher in Your Classroom is a highly interactive workshop that involves self-assessment exercises and group activities.  Teachers learn tips on how to change negative behavior into positive ones.  PosiTeachers learn to role-model appropriate ways to handle negative situations inside and outside the classroom. Be a PosiTeacher: By Thinking Positively booklets are available for an additional charge. Main Topics include:


  • Maintain a positive self-image and feel good about YOU as a teacher
  • Turn negative classroom situations into positive ones
  • Set an example and role-model appropriate behavior for children/students
  • PosiTeachers are most effective when they are competent with curriculum
  • Learn how to bring out the best in each student
  • 10 Principles of a PosiTeacher


2.   20 PosiPower Ways to Bully-Proof Your School 

Bullying and its devastating effects is a problem in high schools and middle schools.  With today’s technology it can take on many forms from in-person put-downs, threats, and physical violence to cyber bullying through the use of computers and text messaging.  All of it is hurtful and preventable.  The objective of this interactive course is to show the negative effects of bullying on the entire school community; how to detect and positive ways to discourage bullying; and positive conflict resolution techniques for a variety of situations.  Participants will learn:



  •       Types of bullying and how to spot them
  •       Why some students become bullies or targets for bullying
  •       How bullying has a negative effect on everyone involved and the school community.
  •       The importance of discouraging and not tolerating bullying when it occurs
  •       Positive conflict resolution techniques
  •       The importance of maintaining and promoting a positive self-image and self-confidence in students to prevent bullying



3.     Time and Stress Management for Teachers  


Teachers today have a lot of demands to meet from students, parents, and administrators.  However, it is essential to their mental and physical health, to learn positive ways to manage school related and home stresses.  It is also important to learn how to become better organized.  Most important, teachers learn how not to pass on stressful habits.  Teachers will benefit from this course, because they will learn to manage time and stress.  Key points are:


  • What's negative & positive about stress?
  • Learn constructive ways to use and manage your time in the classroom.
  • Let go of destructive worrying, habits, and people.
  • 25 Things to do to manage your time better.
  • 10 Ways to get rid of negative stressors.
  • 10 Ways to feel positive every day.

4.    Balance Work & Family & Be Positive in Both  


The objective of this workshop is to teach teachers the importance of maintaining a balance between work and home life. Teachers learn that educators who have positive interpersonal relationships are generally the PosiTeachers in their classrooms.  They are also PosiParents if they have children of their own.  Teachers with a happy home life are more productive in the classroom. They are less distracted by family problems and have fewer absences.  These valued teachers can fully focus on their students.  In addition, school administrators who value families have loyal teachers.  Administrators and teachers working together will find that the benefits are mutually satisfying.  In this workshop, teachers will discover:


  • The benefits of a positive self-image
  • That balancing work & family will reduce stress
  • Having a positive attitude for work and family is ideal              
  • That PosiTeachers have PosiKids in the classroom and at home
  • That teachers can reach their highest goals and still have a loving home
  • How to become a super asset, and not a liability to your workplace or family
  • 15 PosiPower Ways to Balance Work & Family


5.   Celebrate Diversity in Your Classroom    

Diversity is all around us and it a positive experience that enriches everyone’s life. Children/students and their families are representatives of all walks of life and they need to be valued and welcomed into the classroom.  In this course teachers learn how to positively respond to students from different backgrounds, ethnic groups, races, socio-economic status, as well as ones with different learning styles.  They learn why it is important to make connections with each student and to value their uniqueness.  Topical highlights are: 


  • Why it is important to foster a positive learning environment
  • How the classroom is diverse in a variety of ways
  • What is meant by "culture," "diversity," and "race?"
  • Why celebrate diversity in your classroom?
  • What do all children need?
  • 10 tips to help your students to feel positively unique


6. PosiPower Ways to Effectively Work With Parents   


 Working with parents can be a challenge for even the best teachers.  Some parents do not understand or care how they can help teachers to bring out the best in their child.  On the other hand, there are some teachers who do not value parents.  They see parents who advocate for their child as adversaries rather than part of a team.  PosiTeachers understand that working effectively with parents toward a common mission will help ensure the success of the child.  In this course, teachers will learn the following components.


  • The importance of a positive self-image in the classroom
  • PosiTeacher Techniques for difficult students & their parents 
  • Why working positively with parents is the best course of action
  • Ways to get parent involved in the school activities
  • How to talks so parents will listen
  • 12 PosiPower Ways to Work Effectively with Parents